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web - mobile web on iPhone X first preview

on 2017-10-02

web - mobile web on iPhone X first preview


On 2017 9/12.

Apple published iPhone X.

And this device has so special screen.

So many web & iOS developer worry about some case like.

(form Apple)


It can effect app show on full screen.

So Apple has provide guideline about iPhone X.

iPhone X - Overview - iOS Human Interface Guidelines

It is great change for web & iOS developer.

For web developer, we need this design guideline

Designing Websites for iPhone X | WebKit

Apple provide new CSS function handle this problem.

And it is in W3C working group

Preview iPhone X

But we can preview iPhone X in Xcode.

  1. Update your Xcode to Xcode 9.

  2. Open a new Project and set build iOS simulator as iPhone X.

  1. Xcode > Open Developer Tool > iOS Simulator

  1. we can use Safari test web now.


Some case

Safari App has handle safe area & follow iPhone X design.

So we maybe don’t worry about this problem on Safari.

But maybe we need worry about chrome on iOS and other webview in App.

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